Snuggy, anyone?

In the spirit of being thrifty for x-mas this year, I am trying to make a lot of my gifts for people. Last year I made a fleece tie blanket for my father-in-law, Tom. I used a Gopher's panel which was the right size for a lap blanket. For x-mas, I made a bigger, bed sized one for Jordan's cousin exchange. It was THE gift to steal in the dice game. When Tom saw it, he was immediately jealous of the size. So this year I went out on Black Friday to Hancock Fabrics and bought a snuggy pattern for $1 (originally it was $16.95) and some Gopher's fleece. I had to go to Joann's for some of the fleece (you'll see which ones, I don't want to give one away!) because Hancock's was out. Of course I used my 50% off coupons. The fleece actually ended up being slightly more than what just buying a Gopher's snuggy would have cost, but I now have the pattern and can make lots of them. I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pictures of the making of snuggy #1, but I remembered part way through #2 and snapped a few. Here's the second one. This Vikings snuggy is for my little sister for x-mas. One reason I opted for the pattern and buying my own fleece is that the pattern also included a front pocket and more importantly a foot pocket. The store bought ones are missing this critical feature. Here I am pinning the foot pocket in place to sew it down.
I think I was sewing on an arm here. No fancy sewing needed, just straight stitching for the whole thing. It was all pretty easy really. There were only 4 pattern pieces to cut; the body, arms, foot pocket and front pocket. You then sew the arms into rounds and hem them, create the pockets, sew them on, hem the body and sew the arms on. Less than an hour sewing.
Jordan was a helper and tried it out.Clearly I had to try it as well, so Jordan put on his dad's (which is longer anyway).While at Hancock's I saw this pattern for a buck as well.
It was completely necessary to then but this fabric so I can be ready for outdoor baseball this spring. Go Twins!