I have been putting it off long enough. Time to post up. Once again in the spirit of being thrifty for x-mas, I made necklaces for all my girls. It was probably the easiest thing to actually construct, but hard to find the pieces I wanted. I started out thinking I would buy a bulk length of chain and split it myself for each necklace. Michael's and Joann's had a different idea. The only colors they offered in bluk chain were bright gold and bright silver. This was highly irritating considering they had several suggestion booklets at each retailer using beautiful antiqued silvers and bronzes. Why would you suggest making something with products you don't carry? Irritating. Anyway, after much searching I found some semi pre-made necklaces (on sale, thank you very much) that I cannabalized to get the chain I desired.

I wanted to make each girl a necklace unique to her. Seeing as how this was my first attempt at jewelry, I decided to keep it simple and do pendant necklaces. After several trips to the craft store and several more to assorted bead stores, I had what I wanted. The actual creation of the necklaces was ridiculously easy.

Step 1: Take off ugly pearl/ribbon strands from pre-made chains.

Step 2: Add pendants to necklace.

Step 3: Go back to the store and purchace a few jump rings. Some of the pendants had holes that were too small to allow them to move freely on the chain. Jump rings give you a go between from necklace to pendant.

Step 4: Wrap and mail! I was a bit late on this, but I believe it was within a week or two after christmas so it wasn't that bad.

I actually liked them all so well that I went back to Michael's and got a pre-made chain and my own pendant to make myself a necklace. Bonus, the chain was an extra dollar off. I adore a good bargain. All added up, I spent under $30 for 6 necklaces that were made with love. Gotta love that, right?

p.s. The necklace owners from left to right: Ann, Laura, Cole, Kathy, Traci and Al. In case you gals wanted to know what everyone else got.


  1. THANK YOU! I have been waiting for a new post. They look wonderful. I wore mine yesterday. <3

  2. Yay, post!

    I wear my tree all the time. I gave Sophie some of my unworn jewelry this weekend and the tree was the first thing she asked for. Sorry, kid...that one's mine!