Pillow Talk

I have wanted to update my pillow situation for my bed for awhile now. Paging through Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel's catalogues always left me wanting a more beautiful bed. I started the beautifying process by updating my duvet cover. I have a really nice one from Ikea that's soft and nice (see it here), but a little boyish. I found a new one at Pottery Barn (over 50% off!) that I had to have. My bed immediately looked nicer.

Next I needed to update my body pillow cover. I purchased one from Target awhile back to help the bed situation, but it no longer went with my new duvet cover.

I was on the look out for a new cover when I noticed a stack of tapestries I had in my closet. I bought a bunch of them back when I worked at Urban Outfitters whenever they went on sale for $5. You just can't buy fabric that cheap. My bedroom walls are actually completely covered by tapestries for a fabric wallpaper effect. The hubby just told me the other day he loves that about our bedroom!
Back to the bed. One of the tapestries looked just right for a new pilow cover so I pulled it down.

I didn't want to make a zipper case (like the Target one was) because I thought it might get too complicated. I decided to go with a pocket enclosure style cover. I didn't have a pattern but I figured a pillow case has to be one of the easiest things ever to sew. I found some plain white scrap fabric I had and experimented. I got it right on the first try! All that was required were 4 seams. 2 were for finishing the ends of the fabric, then 2 sewn up the sides to creat the case. So easy.

I whipped out the tapestry and cut out the length I needed. I also cut a duplicate piece out of plain white linen I had so that the case was fully opaque. My body pillow is made of brown fabric and I didn't want to see through the one layer of tapestry. I carefully pinned everything together and sewed it up. I actually only needed 2 seams for this one becuase the tapestry already had a finished edge for the pocket part. I stuffed my pillow inside and stepped back.

My bed was looking better already but it was still missing something. I decided I needed a few large square pillows to hide our pillows that we use to sleep with. I own a ton of extra pillows in the exact size I wanted (my couch purchase came with more than 10 pillows) so now I had to find a good fabric.

I got an e-mail from Hancock about all linens being 40% off so I clicked on over to their site. Right there on the hompage was the perfect fabric staring back at me! I knew it was the one so I navigated to the linen section only to be totally disappointed to see that they didn't have it online. That same day I stopped in to my local store and checked there. No go. The next day I stopped at another Hancock's. Nothing there either. At this point I was pretty irritated. Who puts a picture of a product on their homepage and then doesn't sell it anywhere?!?! I contacted the head offices to see what was going on and if the fabric was available anywhere. I got a response the next day saying the fabric would ship to Wisconsin stores (no MN!) in mid March. I noticed that they removed the picture from their site that same day. I patiently waited for March and called the stores in WI each week to see if the fabric had come in. Nothing, nothing, nothing! I was about to give up when I saw the fabric was suddenly available online! I rushed over to my store and what do you know, there it was! They even had 2 colors, purple and green! I got a swatch of each to bring home and see what went with my bed. The purple ended up being a little too dark, but the green (the one I originally wanted) was perfect. I went back the next day and bought 3 yards.

The next day I whipped up three more cases, this time making all 4 seams. Still super easy! I stuffed the pillows and BAM, bed beautiful! I love making my bed now because it looks so pretty when I'm done. Lovely!


  1. That green fabric is GREAT! Where is the pic of the bed with those pillows though?? I know, I am so demanding.

  2. I don't know what happened to the picture! It was there yesterday when I posted. Hmmm, I'll have to add it tonight when I get home.

  3. i love that green fabric!!! i know traci said she decorated with it too much but i am just discovering it and i am honestly becoming a little obsessed. brava, bird!

  4. That is SO PRETTY! As a floral pattern mixer lover, I approve. (Sorry this comment is MONTHS LATE!)