A new project

So, we are finally home owners!  The house we bought was built in 1968 and looks it.  The previous owners had some questionable taste, especially in wallpaper.

Exhibit A: (and yes, that's fuzzy and the old owner had coordinating bath accesories and towels)

Exhibit B: (yup, those are weird muti-tan geometric shapes)

Exhibit C: (Ok, this is in the master bath and I like this one)

Despite the wallpaper (and their choice to cover hardwood floors with carpeting) the house has great bones.  The first thing we're going to do is use our tax credit and put in hardwood floors throughout the entire main floor (currently only 2 bedrooms have it).  We bought the house on Thursday and on Friday we started tearing into it.  The first thing to go was the nasty carpet in what will be my office/craft room.  The rest of the house actually had new carpet, just not that room.  Jordan and I were closing the windows for the night to head back into the city when I decided the room smelled gross.  I poked at the corner of the carpet and before Jordan even got back from the windows the carpet was out!  Grosser than the carpet was the old pad underneath.  My hands stunk for the next hour even after being washed.

I'm going to try and be good about posting up our progress, so stayed tuned for what happened after the carpet was out...

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