House pants

So for those that don't know, I live my life in my house in house pants. The second I get home, off go the jeans and on go the comfy pants. Now comfy pants are not pajama pants. PJ's are worn to bed, house/comfy pants are not. They are to be worn around the house and occasionally to the grocery store when I'm feeling to lazy to throw on a pair of jeans. I decided one day to try and make my own comfy pants. I went online to find a free pattern. No go. So I found this Kwik Sew pattern at Hancock fabrics. It was $12, but I used one of those beautiful 40% off coupons that sewing and craft stores like to send out. This is the pattern.

Cutting the pieces out was a challenge, but only because the cat kept pouncing on it. He was eventually given some paper scraps to keep him occupied. The pattern consisted of only 5 pieces, of which I used 4. It came with different pieces to make different waistbands. I chose to make mine out of the same fabric as the rest of the pants.

My first pair was made out of grey sweatshirt material. The legs are pretty big, but oh so comfy.

After I made these,I lived in them for quite some time. They came up to the cabin and basically ruled the whole weekend.

I had originally planned to make the pants out of a knit jersey, but couldn't find it the first time out to the fabric store. After the joy I got from the first pair, I decided to look again for some knit jersey. I found the fabric for this pair in the Dance/Swimming fabric area of Joann's.

I changed up the waist for this pair. The first pair called for some elastic in the waist, but I thought it might make it a little uncomfortable in a lighter fabric. To make sure the pants looked good and didn't fall off, I doubled the waistband and now I can fold it over. I have lots of house pants, but these two are my favorites. I think the fabric for the grey ones was $12 and the blue ones were $14. They took about an hour to make each (after the pattern was cut) and I think they rule. If you'd like a pair (size medium), I'd be happy to make them for you! It takes 2.25 yards of fabric.

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