Pumpkin tools

Here are all of the tools that I use for pumpkin carving. Most are pretty standard, but one in particular is special.

Most of these tools will come with a book of patterns. I have a few books that are especially cool. One has patterns for the front and back of your pumpkin. For example, the front may have a haunted house on it. Then the back pattern is a couple of ghosts which project on the wall behind it (see the middle carving). I like the books, but most of my really cool patterns I find online.

These tools are for transfering your pattern (which you should copy and size to your pumpkin, then tape it on). You basically just go around and poke holes into the pumpkin along the pattern lines. When you're done, you peel off the pattern and I like to use a permanent marker/pen to connect the dots. Otherwise it can be a bit daunting looking at all those holes. The middle and bottom pokers also have a drill on them for making perfect little holes. The roller poker has never really worked for me.

I've had these since I was a little girl. they are only to be used for cutting the top (or bottom) out of your pumpkin. They are to blunt and big to be used for much else.

These are the scrapers I've collected over the years. They work ok, but a nice big spoon has always worked well for me.

These are for most of the carving work I do. Any large pieces get taken out with these.

For the finer details, I have finers carvers. You have to be careful with these, they're pretty sharp.

These are my favorite tools of all. The other tools all come with pattern books, but these you have to buy seperately. I don't really use the carving end...

...but this is the money end. It's what lets me scrape off the pumpkin skin without carving all the way through. It always sort of reminds me of an orange peeler. I stock up on these after every halloween when they're ridiculously on sale. That way I have extras to give to friends!

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