Let the carving party begin!

Let the carving party start! I brought some pumpkins and my tools over to the Johnson's house for a little carving fun.

Liz, a fellow carver.



I chose to do Michael Jackson from Thriller. Here I am transfering my pattern to the pumpkin.

Liz chose a saucy little cat with a monacle.

Here's MJ all transferred. After peeling off the paper, I connected all of the dots with a pen. The lines will be scratched into the pumpkin. The dark parts will be carved all the way through.

The scratching begins. And yes, that's the special tool from a previous post.

Cam is a die hard Bears fan. We couldn't find a pattern for her, so I printed off a picture of a Bears helmet and made her a pattern from that.

Beak's pumpkin.

Liz's cat. Beak helped her finish the bow tie.

Here's MJ, all done. Next step, light him up!


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