Will Whitmore and Ugly Bunny

For those of you that don't know William Elliot Whitmore, you should. Here's a few pics and a video (I missed the first two lines of lyrics) from the show the other night. Don't mind the stupid girl talking through the beginning. She was a nasty person Alison and I almost had to fight. We would have won!
p.s. I turned the video right side up, but somehow youtube turned it sideways again. Sorry!

After the show, Jordan and I joined the Allen's at their house for a nightcap. I saw the ugly bunny doll I made for Finn's first birthday so I took a few pictures to post up. All the fabrics were gifted to me by my mother-in-law, Sue. The buttons are from my Grandma's collection she gave to me about a year ago. The nose and the tail were my two favorite buttons. The nose is a soft suede and the tail is a tweedish coat button.

This was probably the most time consuming part. I first made Finn's name out of bigger buttons, but they wouldn't fit. I had to go back to the button tin and find smaller ones that I liked. Don't worry, I tied those babies down so one year old Finn can't pull any off to choke on!


  1. Woah this blog is jammed pack today. Will Whitmore was awesome.. that one dumb girl was super dumb.

    Finn loves checking out the buttons on that bear. The big blue button on the butt is his favorite.