C is for cookies. Lots of delicious cookies!

So this post is a little late, but here goes.
For every major holiday I like to make cookies. Not just any cookie. I make my best friend's mom's cookies. She used to send them all the way to Iowa from Colorado, wrapped in bubble wrap, for all major school year holidays. Looks like a sugar cookie, right? Nope, they're short bread. I never liked sugar cookies that much. When you add the frosting, they get too sweet. That's saying a lot for me since I LOVE sweets. So here is the dough, all rolled out and ready to go.

I have tons of cutters. These are my Halloween cutters. I also did my more generic fall cookies. I find that if I cut all the cookies out like this, instead of one at a time, I can keep better track of how many of each shape I have. I learned that from past cookie sessions where I ended up with way too many snowmen and not enough stars (I make them into Santa's).

Here they are, all ready for the frosting party. You can actually keep them in the freezer for quite some time if you can't get to frosting right away.

I splurged and bought really nice food coloring for my frosting. It's the gel kind made by Wilton instead of the standard liquid. The gels come in a ton of colors and they are so vibrant! Michaels has a great selection. I of course used my 40% off coupon. I never go to Michaels with out one! I just found this sweet list of colors on their website.

Liz made a sweet Frankenstein out of a skull cookie. I added a tad too much milk to the frosting and it was slightly runnier than I would have liked. Frank ended sliding a bit to the side, but he still looked good!

Cam was a super froster. My favorite by her was her pink pumpkin. She's also a super Bears fan.

Not to be outdone by his wife, Beak got in on some frosting action. As you can tell, Beak is a Vikings fan. When the Vikes play the Bears, the Mader casa is a house divided!

A small sampling of completed cookies. The cheese in the background was from some sweet Chicken Chili Cam made.

Everyone got there own tombstone.

Finn and Elsa got the best tombstones!

This was my favorite cookie of the night, courtesy of Liz. The owl was a new cutter this year. It produced excellent results.

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