Candy Wreath party

My aunt Maggie hosted our annual Candy Wreath Party tonight. My grandma (the same one that made the stockings) received a candy wreath way back in the day and decided she could make one herself. She tore apart the one she got to see how it was done and a tradition was born. Here's some of the candy I bought for my wreaths. Here's what they look like a quarter of the way done. It's tricky because you have to think about all the sides so you don't get any holes. Candy with twisty ends works best, but we managed to fit some bite sized Milky Ways, Snickers, Twix, Kit Kats, Butterfingers and Turtles on even without the twisty ends.
My mom is the fastest wreath maker. She stared after everyone and finished second behind yours truly. You can kind of see how we do it here. You basically just wrap a hoop with ribbon, then use wire to attach candy all the way around. Sounds pretty easy, but my thumbs are still sore from pulling on the wire to make it tight. My cousin, Kelly, did one wreath in the time I did two, but she sure had a good time doing it. Much laughter ensued as she battled the candy.
My cousin, Tracy, also made two wreaths. The beautiful bows were all made by my aunt Patty.

A litttle peek show. It took a while to get these pictures as we were all laughing about inappropriate things and the wreaths are heavy so we kept lowering them. And finally a nice one. Good work, ladies. Good work.


  1. very cute, wish it weren't so heavy and you could mail me one!

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