I couldn't wait

Sorry, but I couldn't wait to get going on christmas stuff! I also wanted to take these pictures for a contest that Michaels is having for home made crafts. They have 2 weekly winners that receive $100 Michaels gift cards. Then in February they're going to have 2 grand prize winners that get to fly out to NYC and visit The Martha Stewart Show! Swoon.... I thought it was getting close enough to christmas to enter my homemade stocking. My grandma started making these felt/sequin/beaded stockings way back when my mom was a tiny. Then when my generation was born, she continued the tradition. After she passed away, my aunts and my mom took up the mantle of making new stockings for each baby born in our family. I helped out with some of my baby cousins' stockings and when I married Jordan, I decided it was high time for me to make one of my own for him. Here are all of my fam's stockings. Notice how they get bigger and more elaborate as time goes on.

The front of Jordan's stocking.

The back. Jordan's Santa needed to be a rock star, clearly. Note how he's playing a blue bass, just like Jordan's first one. Putting two elements together like this was a new concept.

The fish is supposed to be for our wedding, since we got married in Barbados.

Everyone gets a candy cane.

Seeing as how Jordan is a mechanic and has always loved his first green pickup truck, I thought this would be cute. The hub caps are buttons from the collection I got from my grandma. Yup, the same collection I used for Finn's bunny. The head light bead was probably the most irritating part of the whole project. I bougth at least 6 different beads for it.

Everyone also gets a rocking horse, though the colors differ from stocking to stocking.

Here's the snowman. He's also a standard for all stockings. This one got a little ribbon bow tie, unlike some of the older stockings. He is also holding on to the popcorn strand that's off to decorate the...

tree! Jordan's is the first stocking where the different components interact so much.

Everyone gets a couple of holly leaves as well. They take the least amount of time to make, but still take about an hour each. This is the oldest of the stockings at our house. This is my mom's front. And the back.
My dad's.
The back.
Jessica's front. Her's started to fall apart, so we took off all the pieces and put them on a new stocking. We aslo added a silk liner, which I thought of to help keep some of the stress of a full stocking off of the felt. All the new ones are getting them.
The back.My stocking's front. Poor thing, it needs a new hanger. The back. And Brianna's front. And back.

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